Hello everyone,

Firstly, welcome to Crotus if this is your first time visiting us, I’m going to tell you a little bit of history about Crotus then I will explain about the trailer and how you can reupload it.


Crotus was started as a fun little project back in the summer of 2017 and the idea for it was it was going to be an HCF network, which I soon decided against. I then settled with the first gamemode for Crotus which was Factions. This then later expanded into a network, but after a while I decided to settle with a single server which was Prisons in the summer this year. I’ve decided now I have some time, I want to put it in to the server and grow it to what I envisioned it to be.


Crotus’s 1.0 trailer is available to be downloaded here. Once you’ve downloaded the folder you can extract it and it contains a txt file, with the description and the title. There is also a thumbnail so if you can use a custom thumbnail you can use it. If you have 250+ subscribers, you can apply for the YouTuber rank on forums. If you have any questions about the trailer, please join our discord here and ask any questions you have in a ticket. If you decide to reupload the video you will also receive 2 Advanced keys upon release.

Thank you,
Molten Studios Management!
Hello everyone,

As many of you know Crotus went down just over a month ago. This is due to us having problems with one of our accounts been blocked, meaning we couldn’t pay for the server. We’ve got that account back, which means Crotus will be reopening shortly. However, due to me going away and wanting to perfect everything Crotus won’t be reopening till the 26th October. We’ve also add more of your suggestions and implemented then into this reset. We haven’t changed the maps, but this will be done in our next update which will be Crotus 2.0.


1. Higher level of Lucky Mining

Every level of lucky mining increase by 1% chance (Meaning level 50 give you a 50% chance to get tokens)

2. Rank Multipliers

All ranks now come with a 1% sell multiplier that will stack

3. Prestige Multiplier

Now when you prestige to Prestige, Prestige5, Prestige10, Prestige25, Prestige50 and Prestige75 you will get a sell multiplier at that mines shop, as well as any donator/plot mine shop.

4. Online Store

We have decided to move away from buycraft to craftingstore, as this offers us more features at a lower price

5. Prefixes

Prefixes are the same as tags but appear before your name, if you play HCF you would’ve seen these before. We’ve add a range of prefixes from your suggestions in the discord, these can be purchased on the store. The command for prefixes is /prefixes

6. Prestige Crate

We’ve also add a new crate to the server so you get a small reward when you prestige on the server and these crates can be powerful.

7. Punishments

If you get punished on the server (Perm muted or banned) you can now buy an unmute/unban on the store.

8. Forums emails

We’ve also blocked 85+ spam emails, meaning you can’t use a temp email to sign up on the forums.

Release Information

Crotus, will be releasing at 5PM EST on the 29th October. Once the server is live it will contain all...
Hello everyone,

As many of you know tomorrow is reset and we have made a lot of changes to the server over the last few todays to give you guys the best experience we possibly can. We have also taken a lot of your guys suggestions to implement into this update. Below you can find a list of changes we have made as well as our plan for tomorrow (29th June 2019).


1. Added /autorankup

This will check if you have enough money to rankup and if you do will rank you up, it will check every 5 seconds.

2. Added AutoSell Enchant

We add an enchant for autosell, so if you didn’t want to /autosell you can buy it will tokens in-game.

3. Higher level of LuckyMining

We made the level of LuckyMining increase from 20 to 50 and this allows it to proc more often.

4. Fixed Sidebar

We fixed the Tokens Placeholder on sidebar and now everything looks the way it used to.

5. Added new crates

As many of you know we had a terrible crates plugin, so we have finally changed that and made it a bit better.

Release Information

Crotus, will be going down at 10am EDT and will becoming up at 3pm EDT. When Crotus comes back up, we will have all the updates in place, and everything will all be reset. We should be able to open around 3pm EDT, but this will all be announced in the discord!

Thank you!
Molten Studios!