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    - You must copy and paste from the section we say (Format).

    -You must be older then 13.

    - You may not talk to staff/players about your application. This will result in your application automatically getting denied.

    - Length is considered in Staff Applications. We look for quality and quantity. The longer and nicely organized the more likely to get accepted.

    - Tell the truth. Lying is not a good way way to become staff, and will not end well.

    - You must have proper grammar and punctuation!

    - Do not Copy/Paste from other applications or straight from the rules, we want your words.

    - Do not apply for staff just for the "tag". It will not end well.

    If you do not follow these rules your Application will be automatically denied.

    What to expect

    After you apply, your application will be reviewed by the management team. Applications take time to review, so please be patient after submitting.

    - If your application is denied, you must wait 2 weeks before applying again.

    - If your application is accepted, you will receive a notification in your notifications tab, and will be contacted by an administrator.

    Format (Copy and Paste from this point)

    1. What is your Minecraft username?

    2. Do you have Discord and Telegram? If so what is your usernames?

    3. What time zone do you live in?

    4. Why have you chosen to become staff on Crotus?

    5. Are you experienced with being a staff on another server? If so, where?

    6. Why should we choose you over someone else?

    7. Is there any additional information you'd like to share with us?

    8. If you abuse your staff rank, you will be demoted and or banned. Do you understand?

    Good luck everyone!
    ~ Crotus Management
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