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    1. What is your Minecraft username?

    2. Do you have any previous IGNS? (You can use to check)


    3. How old are you?

    4. What country are you from?

    5. What time zone do you live in?

    6. What languages can you speak?

    English, French & Spanish
    7. What is your Discord?

    8. Are you currently staff on any other servers?

    9. Why have you chosen to become staff on Crotus?
    I want to be staff on Crotus because I love the network and believe it is less-toxic and a healthy server for staff members to work and help the community. I am an OG Crotus player and would really enjoy the network and staffing on Factions and other servers. I would love to get accepted on Crotus because it’s one of the only Factions servers that are NOT pay-2-win. Also, I feel like it would be a journey and really good experience. I feel like I would also be a good fit for the server as my experience & attitude will be a perfect fit for the community and server revolving around the Crotus network. The server will be an adventure and experience to help develop me as an experienced staff member and to also help the community.

    10. Have you ever been punished on Crotus?

    I do not recall any punishments issued towards me in the past.
    11. Are you experienced with being a staff on another server? If so, where?

    PvPTemple - Trainee (x2)

    RexMC - Sr. Moderator

    CentileHCF - Moderator (x2)

    HCRealms - Moderator

    CynicPvP - Manager

    CloudNetwork - Helper

    DestructionCraft - Helper

    DynoHCF - Moderator

    NeutralPvP - Platform Admin

    HCFaded - Owner

    Kitmap.US - Manager

    And more but smaller player bases.

    12. Why should we choose you over someone else?

    I think you should accept me because of my experience and love for staffing along with helping others, I have a really quick response time and will always try to make sure people are happy and having fun on the network. I will help as soon as I see people that do need assitance if I’m not currently helping a player. I will always be professional on social media and on the network. I will positively represent the network and do my utmost to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves.

    I am unbiased and will never prioritize friends more than usual players. And will never disrespect anyone on the network.


    I am very mature, I will always be mature while staffing and in general, Maturity is very important in life the same case within staffing.


    I am trustworthy and I will not let you down, my previous staff experiences also show that I am trustworthy.


    I am very respectful to others, I would never disrespect staff or a player on the network, you don't just need to respect in staffing, you need to respect others to get far in life, you need to be respectful of everyone you come across no matter who they may be.

    Support Rooms

    I have lots of experience when it comes to support rooms, I can handle pressure and I have lots of experience with most things that are needed for staffing, I will only talk about things that are relevant while helping people in support rooms.


    I am very focused even when not staffing on servers, I am a very focused person and will not go off task.


    I always try to record proof of my punishments to show to higher-ups if ever needed, I will also keep proof up to 5 months before deleting.


    I am very co-operative and will always be happy to work with other staff members.


    I am very loyal and always will be, I will never backstab any staff member or player on the network or anywhere else.

    Hard Working

    I am a very hard-working person and will always work hard if I say I’m going to do something, I’m going to do it. And you can trust me with important jobs

    Knowledge of the rules

    I know the rules for the Crotus Network and I will always abide by them, as a staff member part of your job is to punish rule-breakers, so why break them?


    I am very welcoming and polite to new staff members and players on any network, I’m really friendly towards everyone.


    I will admit, I’ve made mistakes, but I have quite a good reputation with server owners and have been brought and offered back to staff teams when others have not. The previous owner of the name did not have a very good reputation in the community, but I am a different person.


    Big or small, I have a lot of experience with servers and I know what to do and what not to do in most cases.

    Social Media

    I am very professional on Social Media and on any platform, I want to maintain professionalism everywhere.


    Talking about being professional, I am always professional everywhere and will never do anything unprofessional as I realize it could damage the network’s reputation.


    I am unbiased and will never prioritize friends or YouTubers more than other people playing the network.


    I am very patient, if someone asks me to wait, I will wait, if someone needs time to download TS, I will be patient.

    13. If you could change anything about Crotus what would it be and why?

    I wouldn't like to change anything about the Crotus Network.
    14. Is there any additional information you'd like to share with us?

    Nope, Thanks for reading my application!
    15. If you abuse your staff rank, you will be demoted and or banned. Do you understand?

    Yes, I completely understand about abuse and how it can affect my reputation and staff role.

    Thanks for reading my application, have a lovely day.

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