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    Crotus Rules
    This thread contains all the rules you need to know, and abide by when playing on our server. If you don't follow the, you will be punished and this could be a mute all the way to a blacklist. If you see another player breaking these rules please report them here.

    Ingame Rules
    1. No Hacked / Modded Clients

    2. No DDOS threats

    3. No Advertising

    4. No Exploiting glitches

    5. No Racism

    6. Don’t disrespect players / staff

    7. No Spamming or attempting to cause spam

    8. No Scamming

    9. No IRL trading (You can trade for buycraft)

    10. No Suicide Encouragement

    11. No Profanity

    12. Don’t Impersonate staff members or players

    13. Don’t TP players to mines they don’t have access to

    Discord Rules

    1. No Profanity

    2. Don’t Impersonate staff members or players

    3. No Racial slurs

    4. No Pornographic content

    5. No Excessive Caps

    6. No Spamming

    7. No Death or Suicidal threats

    8. No DOX, DDOX and/or SWAT threats

    9. No Hijacking and/or threating to hack someone’s account

    10. No Advertising

    11. No Aggressive language

    12. Only tag staff with the @Staff role

    13. Only vote for one option in #server-polls

    14. Use the support system -new (In the discord)

    Forum Rules
    1. Don’t make post to boost your reputation

    2. Ask a staff member to lock a thread if it no longer needs to be open

    3. Don’t be disrespectful in threads to anyone (Players or Staff)

    4. Don’t Advertise other website / server links

    5. Don’t threaten to DOX, DDOS and/or SWAT someone

    6. Don’t threaten to hijack and/or hack someone’s account

    7. No spam creating threads

    Thank you!
    Molten Studios

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