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    - You must copy and paste from the section we say (Format).

    - You may not talk to staff/players about your application. This will result in your application automatically getting denied.

    - You must have proper grammar and punctuation!

    - Do not Copy/Paste from other applications.

    - You must have proof you own the channel This may be checked.

    - You must have 250+ subscribers and 50-200 views per video for Youtuber rank.

    - You must have 1,000+ subscribers and 500 views per video for Famous rank.

    If you do not follow these rules your Application will be automatically denied.

    What to expect

    After you apply, your application will be reviewed by the management team. Applications take time to review, so please be patient after submitting.

    - If your application is denied, you must wait 1 month before applying again.

    - If your application is pending, you will have to contact the staff member that accepted you and they’ll arrange a meeting with you.

    - The staff manager will then contact the owner with your application and then the final decision will be made.

    - If you then get accepted another meeting will arranged to give you your rank and introduce to the server.

    Format (Copy and Paste from this point)

    1. What is your IGN?

    2. Do you have any previous IGNS? (You can use to check)

    3. How old are you?

    4. What country are you from?

    5. What time zone do you live in?

    6. What languages can you speak?

    7. Do you have Discord and Telegram? If so, what is your usernames?

    8. What media rank are you applying for? (Youtuber or Famous)

    9. What is the channel link?

    10. How many subscribers do you have?

    11. How many times have you uploaded on Crotus?

    12. What is your average views?

    13. Have you ever been punished on Crotus?

    Good luck everyone!

    ~ Crotus Management
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