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    Hello everyone,

    Firstly, welcome to Crotus if this is your first time visiting us, I’m going to tell you a little bit of history about Crotus then I will explain about the trailer and how you can reupload it.


    Crotus was started as a fun little project back in the summer of 2017 and the idea for it was it was going to be an HCF network, which I soon decided against. I then settled with the first gamemode for Crotus which was Factions. This then later expanded into a network, but after a while I decided to settle with a single server which was Prisons in the summer this year. I’ve decided now I have some time, I want to put it in to the server and grow it to what I envisioned it to be.


    Crotus’s 1.0 trailer is available to be downloaded here. Once you’ve downloaded the folder you can extract it and it contains a txt file, with the description and the title. There is also a thumbnail so if you can use a custom thumbnail you can use it. If you have 250+ subscribers, you can apply for the YouTuber rank on forums. If you have any questions about the trailer, please join our discord here and ask any questions you have in a ticket. If you decide to reupload the video you will also receive 2 Advanced keys upon release.

    Thank you,
    Molten Studios Management!

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